About us

Lafayette is best described by the words of its founder and concept creator, Aleksandar
Kajmaković: “Currently, we manage more than 15 various restaurants in Serbia. Even so,
I see Lafayette as a story for itself. It is not just a restaurant or just a club, it is a unique and original concept whose main goal is to “attack” all the guest’s senses. We managed to create a gastronomic and theatrical empire in one space, leaving no one indifferent.”
Furthermore, Aleksandar adds: “The key to Lafayette’s success really lies in its originality.” Our world is full of restaurants, clubs, theaters, cabarets, but only Lafayette, thanks to the precise mixing of everything, causes absolute catharsis for the guest. It often happens to us that guests come from the most distant parts of Europe and the world to Belgrade just to attend a show at Lafayette and enjoy its international cuisine.”

We’re proud of the success we’ve had since the opening, and even more proud that our guests are once again enjoying the incredible blend of art and cuisine unique to Lafayette.

You will find us easily. We are located in Karađorđeva Street, in Beton Hala, at the crossroads between the new and old part of the Serbian capital. Above us is the legendary Kalemegdan Fortress, and even more above is the most beautiful Belgrade sky.
We are waiting for you at this place every day, to share with you all the magic of cooking, led by our famous chef and his professional team.
Our mission is clear – to satisfy your every sense with a carefully dosed combination of gastronomy and hedonism.
In addition to the specialties of world-famous cuisines, every weekend we will try to offer you much more than a cabaret, much tastier than a restaurant and much more energetic than a club. A combination of spectacle, art and love of theatre, in a series of unforgettable performances by our dance
and vocal artists.
We have prepared many more interesting things for you, but let’s something remain a surprise. Come and see for yourself why Lafayette found its place in the hearts of the people of Belgrade and all those who visited us from all over the world and enjoyed the spectacle we offer!

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